In view of the increasing need for chartered accountants (CAs), the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has simplified the CA qualification to attract more students to the always-in-demand and ever-growing profession.

It has made efforts to remove from the minds of students the lurking fear that CA test is generally difficult.

M.A. Gupta, director of the city-based Superwhizz training institute, says that the CA has been made easier now in such a manner that even the rural students need not bother much about preferring this.

He says that in the changed scenario, there is wider scope for more and more young people choosing accountancy as their profession even as there are more opportunities springing up all over.

Mr. Gupta said that being offered as a membership course by the ICAI, the CA would offer a variety of opportunities for chartered accountants in accounting, auditing, corporate law, taxation and corporate finance and many more areas.

As economies were registering growth year by year, there would always be an ever-increasing demand for the CAs because of their significant role.

Mr. Gupta said that in the previous system, a student had to take over 5 years for completing the CA course while in the changed system it would take just four years now.

The common proficiency test (CPT) and the foundation courses could be done in less time.

Stating that anybody could opt for the CA course after completing the intermediate or its equivalent, Mr. Gupta said that there were countless instances when the MPC students excelled in the CA course to the point of getting national level ranks. He said that many students were showing interest in the recent past to change to the CA course after completing intermediate with MPC in distinction.

‘Quality coaching'

Mr. Gupta said that at Superwhizz, they had been offering quality coaching to ensure a better deal to students to the extent of helping them find good opportunities in their future careers.

In growth mode

Accountancy as a profession was growing by leaps and bounds considering the need for accountants in world economies, he added.

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