On a sweltering summer day, one needs to keep consuming fluids to maintain body temperature. At a time when the day temperatures have been rising sharply, people here have begun savouring a herbal juice to beat the summer heat.

Known popularly in Hyderabad as ‘Pudina sherbet,’ the juice made of a generous mix of mint and Tulasi leaves and other spices is increasingly becoming popular among office goers on the busy road leading to the office of the district Collector.

The juice is available for Rs.15 a glass and is being served from a pot placed in a mobile push cart.

“We have started a stall last year and the response is good. People who have consumed the mint juice say that it is good for ailments relating to stomach, indigestion and heat,’’ says Mallesh from Nalgonda. Besides ensuring good digestion, mint also cures morning sickness, detoxifies the body and a good source of vitamin C and B Complex vitamins.

Mint juice is popular among people living in Tirupati, Bangalore and Chennai. In many houses, mint is grown in pots. Mint leaves could be plucked from the plant whenever one needs it.

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