Five persons posing as police personnel allegedly entered the house of one Chukka Anjali and her daughter Chukka Lakshmi Prasanna in Prakash Nagar in Narsaraopet town in Guntur district and decamped with about 100 sovereigns of gold on Friday night.

At about 8.30 p.m. a 25-year-old youth dressed in police uniform allegedly holding a pistol knocked at their door and demanded a search of their house.

Assisted by four others in their late 30's, forcibly took the keys of the wardrobe locker and locked the inmates in a room before making a through search for gold and fled away.

The exact amount of theft was yet to be ascertained, the police said.

By the time they could alert the neighbours and complain to the police, all of them had fled and none had any idea how they came or left the place in which direction.

At midnight the Narsaraopet police were waiting for Clues Team to begin their investigation so that further progress could be made.

Vigilance raids

Meanwhile, the Vigilance and Enforcement Department sleuths along with Food and Adulteration wing of Municipal Corporation and other agencies conducted simultaneous raids on three major hotels in Guntur to check quality of food being served.

The Vigilance Superintendent of Police Vijayakar sent his staff, who collected some doubtful samples of non-vegetarian food items from Hotel Vajrams Residency, Hotel Nagarjuna and Hotel Sindoori.

These samples had been sent for laboratory test and based on the report, action would be initiated they added.

Some hotels had ice-cream powder and other expired material in their godowns, which were confiscated.

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