Women Entrepreneurs Association of Tamil Nadu has trained women in driving autos that have fair meters

A group of women trained in driving autorickshaws by the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Tamil Nadu (WEAT) hit the road on Saturday after receiving their driving licence.

Some of the trainees will run the metered autos introduced in the city a few months back by the Consumer Protection Council, Tamil Nadu. “The driving licence gives you a sense of deliverance . You should use it to bring pride to your family and the society at large,” said Rani Muralidharan, president, WEAT, addressing the women at the event.

She also advised the women to serve as an example for other auto drivers and women. “Money is not the only thing that’s important. Honesty and fair behaviour is equally important. So follow it in your profession,” she added.

A. Pushpavanam, secretary, Consumer Protection Council, Tamil Nadu, who distributed the licences to the women said: “Women are entering all fields in today’s changing world. But some fields are still considered taboo and one of them is auto driving. But I believe that when there is talent, it must be put to use to serve the society, irrespective of the gender.” “I am a widow. After undergoing the training, my self confidence has improved and I’m happy that I can now stand on my own ,” said S.Vasanthi, one of the successful trainees .

N. Manimekalai, Centre for Women Studies, Bharathidasan University, was present.