The State government would provide power tillers with a subsidy of Rs.1.5 lakh to Adi Dravidar and tribal farm groups who in turn would rent out the machines to farmers in their respective areas, Minister for Khadi and Village Industries T.P. Poonachi said on Saturday.

Power tillers would be given to 14 farm groups by selecting one group from each block, Mr. Poonachi said while distributing welfare assistance to 572 beneficiaries at the collectorate .

In the first phase, four tillers had been given to four farm groups in Musiri, Thottiyam, Thatheingarpet, and Marungapuri blocks. The power tillers were provided under the National Agriculture Development Programme. He said Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) was performing well in 14 blocks . Friends of farmers were being identified for groups of two revenue villages and they would act as a bridge between farmers and the department.

Earlier, the Minister distributed power tillers to 239 beneficiaries, incentives to farmer friends under the ATMA scheme and loan amount along with subsidy totalling Rs.1.9 crore to 333 beneficiaries under TAHDCO besides giving away appointment orders to four persons selected for the post of typist through the TNPSC.