Tourism development project being executed at an estimate of Rs.95.45 lakh in the coastal village of Kodiyakarai in Manamelkudi block in the district is nearing completion.

The work is primarily aimed at facilitating people to perform religious rites for their ancestors on the shoreline . Second, it is also aimed at promoting tourism at the scenic coastal village . Works pertaining to the construction of watchtower (Rs.15 lakh), tourists’ reception centre, room for changing dress and toilet blocks (Rs.13 lakh), children’s park with compound (Rs.20 lakh) are in their final leg. Having completed the civil works, the focus now is on beautification , said C.Manoharan, District Collector, who inspected the works in the village on Tuesday. Play equipment have been readied at the children’s park, he said.

As a large number of tourists are expected to visit the village, an additional waiting block had been constructed, he said.

He advised the officials to expedite the work on setting up of lawns and planting of horticultural and ornamental plants. The Collector specifically advised the officials to ensure quality while constructing retaining walls.