Timely intervention of Child Welfare Committee, Childline and the District Social Welfare Officer (in-charge) prevented a minor girl's marriage in the district on Friday.

The girl, a college student , is currently under the of the Child Welfare Committee.

The issue came to light after the girl called up the Child Welfare Committee member and advocate Jayanthi Ranee over phone explaining about the move by her widowed mother to get her married to her relative's son, also a college student. Suspecting that the girl might elope with someone, she was taken to her mother's elder sister's house at Baganur in Ramji Nagar police station limit. Ms. Jayanthi Ranee said the marriage was planned on Friday morning near Manapparai.

Ms. Jayanthi Ranee said she along with Childline member and the District Social Welfare Officer (in-charge) went to Baganur and rescued the girl and brought her to Childline here.

A written undertaking would be obtained from the girl's mother for her to pursue her studies without any interruption and refrain from getting her married against her wishes until she attains majority, Ms. Jayanthi Ranee added.