The Utsava Murthis of Vaishnavite temples in Kumbakonam were taken to the Cauvery on the occasion

Hundreds of people took a holy dip in the Mahamaham tank at Kumbakonam in view of Maasi Maham festival on Saturday.

Processional deities of Siva temples like Sri Adhikumbeswaraswamy temple, Abhimuheswaraswamy temple, Banupureeswarar temple and Viyala Someswarar temple came on Rishaba Vahanam to the banks of the Mahamaham tank. Theerthavari was held at 12.30 p.m.

The Utsava Murthis of Vaishnavite temples in Kumbakonam were taken to the Cauvery. Theerthavari was held there as part of Maasi Maham festival. There are five Vaishnavite temples and 12 Siva temples in Kumbakonam.

The town wore a festive look in view of Maasi Maham festival. Car festival of Chakrapani temple was also held on Saturday. Chakrapani with Sudarsana Valli and Vijayalvalli thayar was taken in the car. Hundreds of people pulled the car.

Massi Maham is celebrated every year and Maha Maham is celebrated once in 12 years. The next Maha Maham will be celebrated in 2016.

Devotees offered worship to deities brought for ‘theerthavari’ on the occasion of ‘Masi magam’ festival in Pudukottai district.

The processional idols were taken to the banks of the river and special puja performed marking the ‘theerthavari’.

A large number of devotees offered paper garlands to the giant horse at Sri Perunkaraiadi Meenda Ayyanar temple in Kulamangalam near Keeramangalam. Devotees brought the garlands to the temple located on the banks of the Villuni river in the district and offered it to the 33-foot-tall horse. The garlands are offered in fulfilment of vows and devotees from Sivaganga and Thanjavur districts offered their worship. Devotees brought the paper garlands by car, truck, and van. A few devotees, adhering to the conventional system of offering worship, came by bullock carts with their family members.