The exceptionally high voter turn out recorded in the Assembly elections in Karur district has meant several things to many sections of society in the town. While some interpret it has an evocative reply to factors disturbing the common man, some say that it is the result of the confidence infused by the Election Commission and its strict implementation of the model code. Some others say that the debutant voters have enthusiastically bolstered the tally.

While Aravakurichi constituency recorded 85.51 per cent, Karur registered 83.63, Krishnarayapuram (reserved) 86.38 and Kulithalai constituency recorded 88.73 per cent polling on Wednesday. The average overall voter turn out of 86.06 per cent recorded in Karur district that took the district to the head of the table in the State means much to the stakeholders.

``The voters have snubbed corrupt practices by coming out in large numbers and lending their voice to the fledgling movement against corruption,'' points out a software developer P.K. Ragupathi, coordinating a movement against corruption in society. The civil society speaks through its vote and the elections provide that an opportunity for them to speak out in one voice against social evils such as corruption. If allowed corruption would have consumed the society, he adds. Also the cult of freebies should end and the new dispensation should take efforts towards that, he adds.

``More than 2G it is 3P, power, prices and partnership, that has influenced voters this time leading to high percentage of polling. Many affected sections came out and voted actively,'' according to S. Gopalan, president, Consumers' Protection Council. Though the Election Commission did a lot to prevent malpractices, much more needs to be done, he opines.

Debutant voters who were eager to cast their votes buoyed up the figures, according to DMDK local leaders who reason that the youngsters were ``fed up'' with the several acts of omission and commission that plagued the past five years. The party hopes that its support base among the youths in particular has sharply risen and would show in the future, they say.

The Election Commission's hard work and persistent efforts to infuse confidence and rein in errant forces have come in for high praise and that has resulted in high voter turn out, some others say. The Commission needs to be commended for the good work but for which the voter confidence would have been blighted, even contestants confide to the media.