As part of strengthening the preventive measures against influenza A (H1N1), Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) has been made available at more private hospitals and all government health care centres right from the primary health centres, District Medical Officer N. Sridhar has said.

The district health administration listed out the private hospitals and pharmacies where Tamiflu tablets had been made available. The hospitals are KIMS Hospital, SP Fort Hospital and Cosmopolitan Hospital.

Tamiflu can be bought, if required, from these medical shops also: Devi Pharma, Vanchiyoor; United Surgicals, East Fort; Neethi Medicals, Kedaram, Kesavadasapuram; Lakshmi Medicals, Medical College Junction; and Mullackals, West Fort.

As directed by the Health Secretary, the DMO convened a meeting of major private hospitals, pharma companies and dealers here on Wednesday to discuss if licences should be issued to more medical shops for selling Tamiflu.

Assistant Drugs Controller M. R. Pradeep and senior medical officers also took part in the meeting.

The district health administration appealed to the public to seek the help of a physician if symptoms of fever, sore throat do not show improvement within 48 hours.

However, those belonging to the high risk group – pregnant women, children below five years and those with other conditions like diabetes or asthma – should seek a physician's advice immediately as soon as fever symptoms occur.

Self-medication and delay in treatment were the main reasons for the complications due to H1N1 virus.

Any one with fever and sore throat or cold should be advised to stay at home and avoid all public places for the next seven to 10 days and take plenty of rest and hot fluids, the district medical administration said.