As Tulasi and his team members, inmates of the Central Prison, Poojappura here, walked up the stage, there were words of appreciation from the Jail Superintendent and other police officers for a job well done. And the result of their hard work stood in all its beauty — a small-scale model of the Secretariat — on the jail premises, which was unveiled on Saturday.

Be it the detailing of the Roman architectural style or the beautiful landscaping around the model, it has a professional touch to it and none would believe jail inmates themselves were behind the work. Their work was appreciated by none other than noted architect G. Shankar, who even felt that the replica was better than the original.

“It is very difficult to replicate the details when the work is done in a smaller scale but these workers have an eye for detail. This has been possible only through sincere and dedicated hard work,” Mr. Shankar said.

Eight inmates, who were trained at the jail, completed the work in less than four months under the leadership of architect A.G. Sunil Kumar from the Habitat Technology Group. Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra was also involved in the project.

Mr. Sunil Kumar said the challenge was to obtain the accurate measurements and finer details of the building. “We collected them from the Internet and a plan of the top view of the building was made,” he said.