Leading tour operators took part in the shows in three leading cities

Three roadshows organised by Kerala Tourism this week in Australia were the toast of the Pacific Rim country barely after a week Indian batting hero Sachin Tendulkar was bestowed on the Membership of the Order of Australia.

Led by Tourism Minister A.P. Anil Kumar, the campaign in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth for tour operators showcased the tremendous opportunities for promoting the State’s tourist destinations. A number of leading tour operators took part in the road shows to explore business tie-ups with their counterparts in Australia.

In Brisbane, 30 representatives of tour operators attended the road show held on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the number of Australian business participants in Melbourne was more than double at 66. The final road show in Perth, was held on Thursday with the attendance of local buyers at over 30.

“I am excited by the enthusiasm shown by the Australian tourism trade and media for Kerala as one of the top destinations in the world,” Mr. Anil Kumar said in Melbourne. “The strengthening of bilateral ties between India and Australia demonstrated by the visit of the Australian Prime Minister to India augurs well for tourism and will inspire more Australian travellers,” he said.

With a new State tourism policy in place and a new bouquet of tourism products available, the Tourism Minister said Kerala had much more surprises in store for Australian visitors.

Australia is the fifth largest market for Kerala Tourism. “Over the years, there has been an impressive growth in tourist arrivals from the Asia-Pacific region, with the figures during the last five years showing a phenomenal increase of 168 per cent,” said Kerala Tourism Secretary Suman Billa, who was also part of the Kerala Tourism delegation.

“With increased focus on the region and improved air connectivity between Australia and Kerala, we will see more Australian travellers holidaying in the State in the coming days,” Mr. Billa said.

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