Lack of coordination between different agencies and conflicting opinion by technical experts are delaying work on the Poojappura- Peyad road taken up by the Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project (KSUDP) with financial assistance from the Asian Development Bank.

Local people, traders and people's representatives are up in arms against the inordinate delay in completing the project.

Poojappura ward councillor and Congress leader K. Maheswaran Nair has urged the government to include the road work in the Chief Minister's 100-day fast-track programme.

Mr. Nair said the work that was to be completed in seven months had reached nowhere after three-and-a-half years. “At the end of the contract period, the concessionaire applied for extension by four months. The application was approved by officials and the file sent to the KSUDP project director for ratification four months ago. However, the director is yet to sign on the dotted line.”

Mr. Nair said motorists were finding it increasingly difficult to negotiate the heavily potholed road that had witnessed a spate of accidents. He called on the government for immediate action to complete the work on a time-bound schedule.

He also demanded action against those responsible for the delay in carrying out the restoration work.