Garbage did not spill out of Vilappilsala dumping yard

The waste management at the solid waste treatment plant of the Thiruvananthapuram City Corporation at Vilappilsala should have been better organised, and the waste taken to the site should have been treated in a fixed time frame, according to a report filed by K. Meera, the Advocate Commission appointed by the Kerala High Court.

In its report, the Commission said that allowing wastes to accumulate in such huge quantities over a long period had created an unhygienic environment, giving rise to complaints and stirring the emotions of those living in the vicinity of the plant.


The Commission in the report said that garbage did not spill out of the site. No garbage was dumped near the compound wall.

No constructions

In fact, there were no construction activities at the site. The construction proposed was for setting up facilities such as leachate treatment plant.

Of the eight leachate treatment plants, two had been completed. The remaining was under the process of construction.

A freshwater stream, Meenambally Thodu, a tributary of the Karamana river passed right through the middle of the plant site.

The leachate from the garbage in the dumping site was flowing into the stream.

The Corporation officials told the Commission that they treated the leachate at the temporary leachate treatment tanks.

However, they did not explain why they were not preventing seeping of leachate into the stream.

Not unfounded

The Commission said that the main grievance of the people living near the plant was about the health and social problems due to the accumulation of wastes at the plant site.

The grievances of the people were not wholly without reason.