Fines to be collected for dropping litter and other violations

Next time you step into an airport, do not drop litter, spit or smoke anywhere you please. If you do so, be ready to pay a fine. The airport here has decided to implement the guidelines to keep the premises clean and to achieve the highest standards of safety and quality in air-traffic and airport management.

Dumping garbage on the landside and the airside, misuse of passenger baggage trolleys, rash driving and speeding on the airport premises and stationing of vehicles and equipment in no-parking areas are among the offences that will attract fines. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has issued a circular for imposing fines ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 500. “The circular has been issued to all stakeholders, and their cooperation has been sought to implement it,” Airport Director V.N. Chandran told The Hindu here on Thursday.

In exercise of the powers given by the AAI (Management of Airports) Regulations, 2003, the Director is authorised to impose penalties for contravention of these regulations. “It has been found successful at the Biju Patnaik Airport in Bhubaneswar, and the AAI has asked all airports to implement it,” Mr. Chandran, who was the Director of the Bhubaneswar airport before taking over here, said.

Those entering the terminal or the airside without authorisation or those found intoxicated would have to shell out Rs. 100 as fine. Creating nuisance in public areas and using language likely to cause offence or annoyance will attract a fine of Rs. 100 each. Obstruction of authorised persons from discharging their duties will result in a fine of Rs. 200.

The terminal premises cannot be used for display of banners, flags, posters and emblems or writing of slogans. The fine for any violations is Rs. 100. Organising or taking part in public assembly, demonstration, dharnas or procession likely to obstruct, or interfere with, proper use and orderly functioning of the airport will attract a fine of Rs. 100. Damaging, displacing, defacing or altering any building structure or other property of the AAI will lead to a fine of Rs. 500 or recovery of the actual loss from the defaulter or the organisation.

Employees who do not show the photo identity card on demand by security personnel while entering or being in the terminal or on the airside, leaving vehicle or equipment left unattended on the airside and not following lanes will lead to a fine of Rs. 200 each.