‘Intelligent' enforcement automation system of MVD goes on stream

As many as 1,350 motorists were caught for red signal violations at Kowdiar and Overbridge on Wednesday by the surveillance and speed-detection cameras installed at these junctions.

The ‘intelligent' enforcement automation system installed by the Motor Vehicles Department went on stream on Wednesday.

The erring motorists, ‘caught' by the high-quality, tamper-proof cameras with night vision capability, will be issued memos by the Zonal Deputy Transport Commissioner.

“The number of motorists who violated the red signal at these junctions is more, the memos will be issued to the 1,350 who clearly violated the signal,” a top MVD official said.

Since it was the first day, the authorities decided to target only red signal violations.

The details of the traffic violators along with the images will be fed into the central database.


Those caught for the traffic offence will have to pay a fine to the department.

For red signal violation and rash and negligent driving, each motorist will have to pay Rs.1,000 as fine.

“They will not get any service from the MVD unless they remit the fine. Instructions have been given to MVD personnel to this effect,” the official said.

The cameras have been linked to the control room attached to the office of the Zonal Deputy Transport Commissioners.

Control room

In the capital, the control room is on the first floor of Trans Towers, MVD headquarters, Vazhuthacaud.

The department is planning to enclose the proof of the violation while issuing memos to the motorists.

The MVD will start booking those who jump traffic signals, stop lines and yellow lines; overtake through left; do not follow lane discipline; and do not use helmet and seatbelts. Those using mobile phones while driving will be booked.

The speed-detection cameras will nab those speeding by taking three images of the vehicle. The authorities expect that traffic offenders will be on the higher side when other offences are also be taken into account.

The cameras are linked through a secure fibre-optic network and the auto focus cameras can track and capture fast-moving objects with exceptional clarity.

“Repeated offenders will have to face stringent punishment, including suspension of the driving licence,” the official said.