Two major political parties have joined hands with capitalists to implement policies that are against the interests of farmers, Maruti Manpade, State president of the Karnataka Prantha Raitha Sangha, said here on Saturday.

He was speaking at the 75 anniversary celebrations of the sangha here. Mr. Manpade said that after Independence, it was thought that there would be no need to fight imperialists. However, two major political parties in the country had joined hands with imperial forces and promised development of the country. This development was against the interests of farmers, he said.

Three things that affected farming were the zamindari system, capitalism, and imperialism. Governments were seeking foreign capital and investments and the policies emerging from this were the cause for farmers to commit suicide. Input costs were high while returns poor. Import policies ensured that prices that farmers got for their produce were low, he said.

Policies pertaining to patent were also making farmers dependent on company manufactured seeds, he said.

“Farmers who once fought for land reforms are now coming forward to give their land to companies,” Mr. Manpade said.