Relatives feel harassed with frequent questioning by officers

Haneef has lost count of the number of times he has been summoned by the police about the murder of his sister, 35-year-old Razia, and her 10-year-old daughter Fathima Zua. “Every time the investigation officer changes, I get a call and the questioning goes on for days. This questioning has affected me more than the grief of the loss of my sister,” he said.

Haneef is among the relatives of Razia who have been affected because of the delay on the part of the police in cracking the double murder that occurred on June 28, 2011. Following the investigation by jurisdictional Kavoor police, the case was handed to the Criminal Investigation Department in April 2012.

In the last 18 months, the case has been dealt by four investigation officers, including three CID officers. “There is no continuity in the investigation. With each officer taking over, my family and I have to undergo questioning for days. Just a few days ago we had a fresh round of questioning by the investigation officer, who is the third person dealing with the case. There is lack of commitment in cracking the case,” Mr. Haneef said.

Razia, wife of scrap merchant P. Hameed, and their daughter Fathima Zua were found dead in their house on the busy Panjimogaru Main Road on June 28, 2011. The body of Razia was found outside the two-storyed house while Zua’s body was found in the living room. The two had stab injuries on the chest and hands. According to Mangalore Rural Police’s FIR, the murder occurred 30 minutes after Hameed had left the house.

Meanwhile, CID Superintendent of Police (Homicide and Burglary) Siri Gowri told The Hindu they are yet to make headway in the case.

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