Children aged between 5 and 12 got to savour the ‘Ice Cream Tower’ made of three layers of vanilla, pista and strawberry ice-creams

Seven-year-old Ifza Siddiq and nine of her cousins from Krishnapura eagerly waited for their turn to get on to the stage to gulp down ice creams. “Eating ice cream has been a weekly affair in the house during holidays. I am desperately waiting for our turn to taste it,” said Ifza, who took part in the ice cream eating competition at Kadri Park on Sunday. She was here last year, too.

21st edition

Ifza is among the many children who took part in the competition organised for children between 5 and 12 years by Dinky Ice Cream and the JCI. This is the 21 time the competition was held.

The children had to eat quickly the small “Ice Cream Tower” made by three layers of vanilla, pista and strawberry flavoured ice-creams. Swarna Sunder of Dinky Ice Cream said this ice cream tower was slow melting ice-cream specially made for the competition by cooling it down to -27 degrees Celsius.

Children were eager to have a go at the ice cream. Taking the seats on the dais, children immediately grabbed the ice cream. “Keep your hands down,” was the oft repeated announcement by the organiser. The children were also asked not to spill the ice cream down. As many as 10 children were made to eat ice cream in each round. Some children managed to eat fast. Those who failed to complete were allowed to take the ice cream down and eat it with their parents and relatives.

There was separate ice cream eating competition for select homemakers.

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