Hindustani music lovers who reached Moodbidri for another pre-dawn music session were in for an unforgettable experience as vocalist Kaivalyakumar Gurav soaked the lucky audience in morning melodies.

Organised as part of the literary and cultural meet Alvas Nudisiri at Moodbidri near here, Udayaraga, the second and last in the series, stood out for the way Mr. Gurav’s 50-minute Ahir Bhairav cast a mesmerising web of notes around you. Embellishing the raga with his unique mix-and-match of Ma-kar, Aa-kar and Oo-kar improvisations, the artiste produced a unique rendition with lilting variations that elevated the spirits high and many a submissive listener derived indescribable pleasure.

Picking up the bandish (composition) Eri Thohe Laagi, he packed it with affable saragam (rendition of a series of note by their names), appealing movement along lower and higher octave but returning to his favourite ma-kar taans.

The dhrut (fast-paced rendition) with the bandish More Raja Rasia was wholesome as accompanying artistes Shridhar Mandre on the tabla and Narendra Nayak on the harmonium added a flavour to it.

The vocalist presented a shorter piece in the Raga Bhatiyar with two bindishes “O Balama Mora…” and Din Gayi Beetha…” “Sanware Aaijaiyo” was lilting while the bhajan “Akeli Na Jaiyo Radha Jamuna Ke Teera” was a fitting finale to the grand show.