Tension prevailed on the K. L. N. College of Engineering campus at Pottapalayam (Sivaganga district) near here on Friday following objection by some third year students to wearing of college uniform.

According to college authorities, about 250 students of B.E. third year had not been attending classes for the past two days as they were demanding relaxation of rules by the college management.

S. Ganapathy, Principal, said that the protesting students seemed to be instigating others on the campus and hence, police had been informed to prevent any eventuality. A few policemen were deployed near the college. He also held talks with the students’ representatives and assured them that the matter would be discussed with the college management.

“They were wearing uniform in the first and second year. But this year, they are objecting to it and we tried to convince the students that even the employees of some reputed companies come to workplace in uniform,” the Principal said.

A senior college official said that the management had agreed to relax the rule by allowing the students to wear a dress of their choice on Fridays. “But they are asking for one more day and the Principal will talk to the management on Monday,” the official said.

Meanwhile, the college had informed the parents of protesting students about the uniform issue.

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