The People’s Union for Human Rights (PUHR) has demanded a CBI inquiry into the alleged police excesses against the members of Muslim community in Madurai and Tirunelveli districts.

According to PURH members A.Marx and A.Rajini, a team of human rights activists visited the houses of the persons arrested by the police for allegedly being in possession of explosives in Melapalayam.

In a press meet held here on Monday, the PUHR members alleged that the police arrested innocent Muslims in Melapalayam. “Thasin and Shahul Hameed, who were arrested, were members of the Charitable Trust for Muslims, an organisation which provides legal assistance to the Muslims who are languishing in jails. The police arrested innocent Muslims to deny legal assistance to their community members,” claimed Ms.Rajini.

Mr.Marx condemned the installation of CCTV cameras in Muslim localities. “The Muslims have installed CCTV cameras in their localities at the behest of the police. Monitoring civil life is unlawful. The police are subjecting innocent Muslims, sometimes women, in Nelpettai and Melapalayam, to become police informers,” he alleged.

The PUHR members also condemned the police team, which allegedly forced two Hindu youths to frame Muslims in a murder case in Sivaganga.

“A trial court has ordered a CB-CID inquiry against the police team from Madurai after the Hindu youths confessed that they made false charges against the Muslims as asked by the police. The police team should be suspended during the CB-CID inquiry,” demanded Mr.Marx.

K.Sugumaran, secretary of the Federation for People’s Rights, was also part of the team that visited the houses of the Muslims.

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