While there is a speed breaker in front of the GRH annex, it is absent on the three other sides, writes L. Srikrishna

About two years ago, a team of police officers supervised the demolition of the roundabout near Collectorate junction in Madurai declaring that an automatic traffic signal would be installed in the place to regulate vehicular movement. They went on to say that the road leading to Aavin junction and the adjacent road near Cinepriya-Sugapriya cine complex would be made one-way.

However, till date, the proposal is only on paper.

Everyday, there is confusion among vehicle users. There is chaos in this junction with number of vehicles going up.

The absence of a roundabout and traffic police personnel emboldens many motorists to violate traffic rules.

Besides, according to shopkeepers in the vicinity, at least five to 10 freak accidents are reported on this spot daily. The number goes up on Sundays and holidays as roads are relatively deserted.

On many days, whenever a organisation stages a demonstration near Thiruvalluvar statue, the presence of a large posse of police would ensure regulation of movement of vehicles or in the event of any major agitation, the traffic gets diverted.

On normal days, vehicles coming from the Collectorate get caught against those taking a right turn towards the Collectorate from the Aavin junction.

Similarly, there is always a possibility of collision between motorists coming from the Rajeswari Hotel side and proceeding towards Collectorate and those coming from Aavin junction side.

While there is a speed breaker in front of the GRH annex, it is absent on the three other sides tempting motorists to be rash and negligent in driving.

When contacted, a senior police officer admitted that a proposal to install a traffic signal and convert the two roads (Aavin junction to Collectorate side and Cinepriya-Sugapriya cine complex side road) into one-way is in the pipeline. Similarly, the bus stop in front of the GRH Annex would be shifted opposite flower vendors in the vicinity.

“This would ensure there is no choking in front of the hospital,” he said.

Further, the Anna bus stand, which was once used prior to the opening of the Integrated Bus Stand at Maatuthavani bus stand, would be revived for buses to come in and go out.

Breaking a portion of the wall would make the buses come in and go out thereby eliminating traffic snarls.

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