Don’t junk your umbrellas and rain wears yet, showers are here to stay for some more time.

Weathermen say there is depression in the Bay of Bengal, but that is reason for the city residents to cheer.

It is this depression, also known as low pressure, over the Bay that has made the skies open up over the city and during the last few days. Ánd it might continue for another day, said P.V. Joseph, a veteran weatherman.

The active rainfall had over the past few days considerably made up for the shortfall in rain. But, the rainfall is still way short of mark. Mr Joseph also indicated that rain from the South West monsoon may see a dip.

The rains in fits and starts saved the city from flooding this year. The breaks between showers gave ample time for rainwater to drain away from the roads. The Thevara-Perandoor canal that was scooped deep, too, helped the city residents from knee-deep trouble.

Rain deficiency

The “percentage departure” of rain in Ernakulam is minus 31, according to the season’s rainfall estimated from June 1 to August 29 this year by the Meteorological Centre in Thiruvananthapuram. There is a 30 per cent deficiency of rain in the state as the State has received only 1240.8mm rain in place of the expected 1778.1mm.

The district received 1206.9 mm rain in place of the anticipated 1752 mm during the estimated period.

Alarm bells

Weathermen have indicated that “rainfall exceeding 7cm will occur at isolated places” till Wednesday morning in many parts of the State. Weathermen have warned Kochiites to brace for thunderstorm with rain.

Kerala still has a long way to go to feel happy about its water situation. The fact that South West monsoon is on its last legs makes the scenario glum. To salvage the situation, Kerala desperately need to see some depressions forming over the Bay as it would ensure more rain, said Dr. Joseph. More rain in the State would better the power supply and save the crops from coming to a cropper.

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