The deadline for submission of Know Your Customer (KYC) details in the prescribed format along with proof of identity and proof of address by those holding multiple LPG connections has been extended till November 15 from October 31, said a press statement issued by Indian Oil Corporation.

Customers holding single LPG connections need not complete the KYC formalities, said the oil marketing company’s statement.

Only those whose names figure in the respective oil marketing company’s transparency portal as identified using or holding multiple LPG connections need to submit the KYC forms and the prescribed proofs.

The names of those holding multiple LPG connections are available on the websites of the respective companies as well as with the respective distributors. These transparency portals can be accessed from the websites of the companies; and www.hindustan, the press release added.

KYC formalities will also have to be completed in case of registration or booking of new LPG connections; for regularisation of existing LPG connections and for reactivation of blocked or dormant LPG connections.

The oil marketing companies have made it easier now for transfer of existing LPG connection among family members (during lifetime) or to the legal heir in case of death of the registered consumer. Regularisation of LPG connections held in someone else’s name but with original documents has also been made easier now, the press release said.

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