Whacky car designer K. Sudhakar unveils his latest collection that fits wheels under women's accesories

A red coloured lipstick with a golden brim glistened elegantly on the lawns of Country Club while charming its viewers. Surprisingly, the lipstick is not for one to apply but to ride. Yes, you read it right. A lipstick shaped bike, three cars that looked like a ladies handbag; compact and stiletto have been designed by the well known Guinness World record holder, K. Sudhakar.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, the series of creations caught all women's attention due to its feminine appeal. The intricately designed vehicles depict the efforts taken by the designer with a motive of creating novelty.

Single seaters

The creations are strange with a single seater bright orange tinted handbag car. They multi-coloured stylish stiletto car with four wheels too is a single seater while the compact shaped car has a mirror and a powder puff.

Mr. Sudhakar is well-known for his world of creativity. His interesting design includes cars like sofa, dining set, camera and cricket bat. From the key chain hanging on to the buckles of the handbag car to the push button open system of the compact car, the painstaking job is packed with precision with eye-catching accessories that duly impressed the women.

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