For those who have been waiting to set eyes on planes on display in the India Aviation Show, there isn’t much to go gaga over.

The fourth edition of the show will not only have lesser planes on display for the public on the weekend, but missing in action will also be the major head turners. Compared to all the previous editions, the number of aircrafts on display at the India Aviation 2014 was the lowest at 18. However, this number is set to further dwindle as only 10 aircrafts will be on display for the general public on the last two days of the show.

As the business days come to a close, the star attraction of the show, Airbus A380, is all set to fly to Dubai.

Close on the heels, the highly-efficient Dreamliner that was brought by Air India will also exit the event before Saturday noon. The nine-seater luxury aircraft Avanti-2 of Piaggio Aero took off from the Begumpet airport on Friday along with Falcon business jet and a few other aircrafts.

For those who would want to take a close look at the remaining few displayed ones, there is disappointment in store. Visitors would not be allowed to come anywhere close to the aircrafts and can only view it from outside the barricaded area.

But the crowd-puller, the aerobatics display, will be a part of the event, twice a day, at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Majority of the 200 stalls at the exhibition will also be on display. A 70-seater theatre will screen aviation-related movies till the end of the show. The show is open for the public on March 15 and 16 and the ticket cost is Rs. 300.

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