Health officials assure general public not to panic as swine flu is not virulent anymore, but ask them to take precautions

Three persons from Thoodkurthy village, Nagarkunrool mandal, Mahbubnagar district have tested positive for swine flu are undergoing treatment at Gandhi Hospital, health officials here on Thursday said.

Senior doctors and district health authorities, however, have called-upon the general public not to panic and sought to reassure that the swine flu virus was not anymore virulent.

The doctors pointed out that the three patients (two men and a woman) from Mahbubnagar district were brought to Gandhi Hospital in the last two days.

The smear samples of the patients sent to Institute of Preventive Medicine (IPM) for testing have come positive for swine flu. The three are admitted to the hospital’s special swine flu ward and are undergoing treatment.

Vaccination for flu

So far, between January and October of this year, 52 swine flu cases and six deaths have been reported in the State.

“There is absolutely no need to panic because public now have options. They can get vaccinated under medical guidance.

Public also should continue to take basic precautionary measures that need to be taken during flu season,” said State Coordinator for Swine Flu and senior chest physician Dr. K. Subhakar.

Dengue cases

Meanwhile, the district health authorities also pointed out that between January and October, 12 positive cases of dengue were reported while 11 were suspected cases.

“Basic anti-mosquito precautions at home, maintaining dry day once a week, personal hygiene and keeping the surroundings dry are the way public can take preventive measures,” Dr. Narendrudu added.

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