A positive development that will remain ‘bitter-sweet' for would be mothers at Sultan Bazaar Maternity Hospital!

While the maternity hospital is set to be shifted to the swanky new premises in few days from now, the State government has not given its nod to augment the bed strength, which is equally vital to improve medical facilities for pregnant women.

Rs. 5.5 crore facility

The much delayed new building of Sultan Bazaar maternity hospital, planned at a cost of Rs. 5.5 crore, is finally complete and is ready for inauguration.

However, authorities have not addressed the crux of the problem, which the hospital has been facing since long time. Shortage of manpower and beds would continue to impact the hospital despite being shifted to a new and better facility.

Every year, the hospital handles nearly 16,000 pregnancies.

On an average, nearly 400 pregnant women visit the outpatient facilities of the hospital on a daily basis.

The hospital is reeling under severe shortage of doctors, nurses, paramedics and lab technicians.

“The new building is ready for occupation and we are waiting for the go-ahead from higher-ups. The bed strength however continues to remain 160 and that is a cause of worry,” hospital doctors point out. At present, pregnant and lactating mothers are forced to share beds because of infrastructure limitations.

The new three-floor building is likely to have a new-natal ward intensive care unit, provide 24-hour diagnostic facilities and an exclusive ICU to attend complicated cases.

“Lot of space in the new building is likely to be left unused because of infrastructure limitations. The government is recruiting nearly 750 nurses in the State and hopefully some of them would be posted here. A minimum of 20 nurses, ten additional doctors, more lab technicians are needed,” maternity hospital doctors said

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