Election rallies should not cause traffic jams, says Anurag Sharma

Election meetings and processions by political parties would be permitted on first come first serve basis in city, Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma said on Saturday.

Equal opportunity

Detailing do’s and don’ts of election campaign at a press conference, he said that all parties would be given equal opportunity vis-à-vis meetings and processions.

He made it clear that each convoy in a procession cannot have more than 10 vehicles.

Bicycles and rickshaws are also counted as vehicles. “Election rallies should not cause traffic jams,” he said. Provisions of the Representation of Peoples Act would be invoked against persons violating these rules.

Religious places like temples, mosques and churches cannot be used for election campaign, he announced.

Penal action

Speakers should not use words creating mutual hatred or instigate caste and communal feelings.

Writings or pasting posters on the walls of Government buildings would invite penal action.

In case of private buildings, permission of the building owner is a must, the Commissioner said.

Cut-outs and banners would be allowed only at the spaces earmarked for them. “In case of objections approach police but don’t take law into your hands,” Mr. Sharma said.

Cyberabad Commissioner

The Cyberabad Commissioner, C. V. Anand, at a separate meeting wanted the officials at the field level to be polite and patient to people and visit all polling stations in their jurisdiction to get acquainted with the area.

Addressing officials of various departments, above the rank of Inspectors at meeting here on Saturday Mr. Anand said that they should watch for any violation of model code of conduct and act upon it immediately.

The Cyberabad Commissioner said that all Assistant Commissioner’s of Police were designated as officers for each constituency for effective implementation of model code of conduct.

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