Irrespective of status, many want to ensure that their daughters get proper education

Considering the growing demand for education of girls in old city, many well-known organisations have set up exclusive colleges for women here.

The demand for educational institutes for girls has increased over a period of time thanks to the increased awareness among parents. Irrespective of their social status, many want to ensure that their daughters get proper education.

‘Exclusive’ education

And cashing upon the changing scenario, many corporate educational institutions, including Gowtham, Narayana, Sri Gayatri and M.S. College have set up their institutions exclusively for the fairer sex here. This apart, many local schools have upgraded to Intermediate and Degree colleges in the last three years.

Educationists point out that compared to previous years there is a high demand for exclusive colleges for women in and around Charminar. The idea is to get modern education without compromising on ‘purdah’. And most of these colleges have good attendance, they say.

“Many parents prefer exclusive women’s colleges within the old city for admitting their daughters. A few prefer the college upgraded from the school as they have faith in the organisation,” says a private school correspondent, Mahmood Ali.

No rich-poor divide

In the last few years, two new government Intermediate colleges have come up in the old city. In addition to the already existing ones at Hussaini Alam and Chanchalguda, both the new colleges have good strength.

“It shows there is no rich and poor divide when it comes to the education of girls.

One noticeable thing here is that the students themselves come and take admission as their parents are illiterate but encourage them to take up higher studies,” says the principal of a government college.

It is a similar situation in the schools too. Most of the government-run schools in the old city have a huge percentage of girl students. “Compared with schools elsewhere in the city, there is hardly any difference in the enrolment of girls,” says Farooq Taher, general secretary, Andhra Pradesh Primary School Teachers Union, Hyderabad Chapter.

The high enrolment of girls in schools in slum areas like Fatimanagar, Vattepally, Asadbabanagar, Amananagar, Riyasatnagar and Nawabsahab Kunta underlines the fact that even poor families want the girl child to be educated.