Ever wondered how zoo animals feel being locked up in their cages? That is the question cricketer Pragyan Ojha wanted people to ponder upon, when he locked himself up in a cage, holding a sign that read, ‘Try to relate to their fate - Say no to zoos’, at Annapurna Studios on Tuesday.

“By spending time in the cage, I have realised the trouble faced by animals. I spent only two minutes, and I can’t even imagine how it must be for those animals,” said Mr. Ojha, who took up the task in collaboration with People for Ethical treatment of Animals (Peta). The act was conducted as a mark of protest against caging of animals in zoos and exhibits.

Mr. Ojha said animals belonged to the forest, and they deserved their freedom.

“We should not treat them like objects, as they don’t belong in cages. They deserve to roam, explore, socialise, and enjoy freedom like us,” he said.

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