Poor supply, low pressure and lasts just an hour

People often think that the location of an area determines the amenities it can boast of. It is often expected that the closer a colony is to the heart of the city, the better it is looked after. But Malkajgiri, a bustling residential cluster, proves these assumptions to be ill-founded.

Located just about five km away from Secunderabad, Malkajgiri faces problems with the supply of drinking water. While most other areas in the city get the supply on alternate days, residents of Malkajgiri complain that Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) supplies water once in four days.

“Supply of drinking water is a big problem here. Earlier, we used to get water on every third or fourth day, but this week we did not get water for six days in a row,” K. Lakshmamma, a resident, complains. “Officials are not maintaining a regular supply. Also, water pressure is very low and lasts only an hour,” she says. The areas reeling under insufficient water supply include Old Malkajgiri, Mirjalguda, Saipuri, Yadavnagar, Saraswathinagar, Vijayapuri Colony, R.K. Nagar, Gautamnagar and others.

The other nightmare for the already beleaguered residents is that the water is supplied during late nights. “Water supply starts after 10 p.m. here, so we have to stay awake to keep a constant vigil. As the winter has set in, it would be better if water is supplied during evenings,” she says.

Underground tanks

How are the residents coping with the irregular water supply? “Some residents got underground water tanks built in their houses. But those who cannot afford that have to stay through the night and fill all the drums and pitchers without fail. We have no choice,” another resident explains.

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