Corruption main poll issue for first-timers; many plan to return home to vote. Having recently received their voter’s ID cards, many are thrilled that they are finally voters.

First-time voters in Hyderabad are waiting with baited breath for polling day.

On April 30, they will be able to exercise their right to vote and be part of world’s largest democratic exercise. Many point out that their vote could spark the change they wish to see in the country.

Having recently received their voter’s ID cards, many are thrilled that they are finally voters.

“I recently got myself enrolled in the voters’ list and also have my voter ID. I am very excited since this is the first time, and I already feel responsible for the country,” gushes 18-year-old Arusha Pabbaraju, a student of St. Francis College.

The excitement to be part of the elections is so huge that students pursuing their education in other cities plan to come back by the end of the month to cast their vote.

“I have already booked flight tickets to Hyderabad on April 30. I am looking forward to being with family, so that we can cast our votes together,” says 19-year-old Chandana Arval, a student at O.P. Jindal Global Law School, Delhi.

The not-so-lucky

However, not everyone has the comfort of travelling back home.

Shivani Agarwal, a Lucknow resident and student of Bangalore’s Christ University, can’t travel to her native place to take part in the elections.

“I had planned to cast my maiden vote this year. But, I can’t vote because of my work here. I am yet to enrol my name in Bangalore,” she laments.

As far as issues go, corruption continues to remain a priority.

“We want to vote for a party that will make India corruption-free,” says 19-year-olds Harsha Vardhan and Sathvik Saineni.

Another student Kanishk Dhupad says, “It’s our duty to vote for the least corrupt.” He says it with a lot of conviction, as he gets ready to case vote for the first time.

Final-year biotechnology student Rishi Kotecha points out that voters are intelligent, and would make the right decision at the poll booth.

“Voters are the ones who make the decisions, and I am sure I will make the right one this year,” he says.

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