Misleading ads on food products will be regulated: NIN Director

The Central government is likely to start regulating misleading advertisements of food products that make tall claims without any scientific data to back up. Assertions like, a particular drink will make children grow taller or their memory power will get enhanced if they eat a product will be regulated.

“The Centre is introducing legislation on Food Safety and Standards to curb such claims made without scientific basis. Such claims should always be evidence-based and we are expecting the Central government to act soon,” said Director, National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), B. Sesikeran here on Tuesday.

While interacting with press persons, the NIN Director minced no words on the present day eating habits and lack of physical activity among Indians. “People come to me and say that their forefathers have eaten everything, but they lived till 80 or 90 years. The point nobody understands is that unlike the earlier generation, today public hardly take up physical activity,” Dr. Sesikeran said.

The nutritional expert asserted consumption of energy-rich food and lack of physical activity is triggering all kinds of lifestyle ailments like diabetes and blood pressure. “Spreading awareness on good eating habits is the key and the target should be youngsters in school. In the end, there is a need to balance modern lifestyle and age old Indian eating practices,” Dr. Sesikeran said.

The Director of NIN also maintained that there is a strong need to create Dietetic Council of India in the lines of Medical Council of India (MCI).