College students jump at the offers because the salary is attractive

Ramzan, the month of fasting, also offers seasonal employment opportunities to a few thousand people every year.

Irrespective of their scale of business, a majority of the commercial establishments around the city need extra hands to attend to the rush of customers during the Ramzan season. Hence, they employ people on various positions such as salesmen, helpers, accountants, billing executives etc.

In demand

In addition to the big commercial establishments, even the smaller ones accommodate job-seekers temporarily. “There is always a demand for a few thousand salesmen in the market but this year most of the shops have not got enough workers yet,” says Abid Mohiuddin, General Secretary, Old City Traders Association. It is said around 4,000 people find temporary employment in big shops and roadside kiosks during the holy month on the Shah Ali Banda and Madina building road stretch alone.

Those employed are well paid as they work for extended working hours during this month when markets are open till early morning hours. An average pay for a salesman is around Rs.7,000 for the month.

The haleem joints around the city are one of the major employers. In fact, a few eateries employ more than a hundred people to attend to the flow of customers.

The workers are paid anywhere between Rs.200 and Rs.300 for a six-hour shift. It is mostly the youngsters who take up the seasonal job as it fetches them some money during the month.

“We get many students who work only during this month for pocket money,” says Mohammed Irfan of Shah Ghouse Hotel.

The Pista House is another big employer. “The boys earn about Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000,” says M.A. Majeed, proprietor, Pista House.

Garment showrooms

The numerous readymade shops and cloth stores around the city also go in for seasonal recruitment. “There is a good flow of customers at the shops and we ought to have enough hands to attend to them,” says a trader.

“It is a good opportunity to earn some pocket money,” feels Syed Shoeib, an Intermediate student from Dabeerpura area of old city.

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