GHMC Commissioner M. T. Krishna Babu said here that Hussainsagar and the surrounding heavily populated areas can’t withstand an Uttarakhand-like cloudburst and it certainly would lead to large-scale devastation of lives and property. To counter such situations, the Commissioner maintained that long-term strategies are in place to help tide over crisis of such huge scale.

The Commissioner, while interacting with press persons on Monday, was commenting on the issue of Hussainsagar reaching the Full Tank Level (FTL) after the recent incessant rains. “Families near Hussainsagar should be ready to evacuate and not hesitate during such situations. We have approached the Irrigation Department with a Rs. 35 crore plan that will help in quick artificial depletion of excess water like setting up gates when it rains heavily. We are awaiting clearance,” he said.

As part of the long-term plan, retaining walls at Hussainsagar have to be constructed to control the extra rain water, he said. “We are collaborating with Indian Met Department in Hyderabad to device an early warning system to alert authorities three hours before a possible heavy rainfall. Close to 150 rain gauges will be set up on top of government buildings for accurate measurement of rainfall. Localisation of weather forecasting is vital,” the Commissioner observed. Close to Rs. 1.5 crore is expected to be spent on procurement and setting up of the rain gauges. After the collapse of the City Light Hotel in Secunderabad, the GHMC authorities have now identified nearly 500 dilapidated buildings in the twin cities. Teams inspected buildings that were 50 years old, made up of lime and mud and with only load bearing walls for support. The owners were served notices and have to take up immediate structural stability repairs. On buildings having cell towers and huge hoardings, Mr. Krishna Babu said that random stability tests on such buildings will be taken up. “Usually such buildings have to submit stability certificates for every two years. However, instead of waiting for so long, we have decided to conduct random independent stability tests,” he added.

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