Seed for cardiac problems is sown in childhood, and preventive lifestyle measures should start right from that stage, say experts

The need for avoiding childhood obesity through proper food habits and physical activity as part of preventing cardiac problems was stressed by Dr. V. Rajashekhar, senior interventional cardiologist, Yashoda Group of Hospitals, here on Saturday.

Speaking after the inauguration of a two-day Advanced Course in Clinical Cardiology organised by the group in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic, he said the seed for cardiac problems was sown in childhood and called for preventive lifestyle measures right from that stage.

He added that women normally got heart attack after 50 years, but the complications tend to be higher among them.

More than 750 cardiologists and physicians across the country are attending the course.


The latest advances in tackling heart attacks, heart failure, arrhythmias and comparative benefits in the use of stents and bypass surgery were among the areas being covered by medical experts from India and the United States.

Yashoda Group Managing Director Dr. G.S. Rao said the management planned to convert the hospital into a teaching institution.

He added that Yashoda Hospitals would be developed into a multi-organ transplant centre by starting bone marrow and liver transplantation by the end of the year.

Problems in India

Dr. Brian Griffin, cardiologist from Cleveland Clinic, said the collaboration had helped foreign faculty to learn about problems reported in India.

Dr. Randall Starling, Dr. Mandeep Bhargava and Dr. Murat Tuzcu are the other international faculty members from Cleveland Clinic who are attending the course.

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