Airing of serials dubbed from other languages comes under fire

The battle cry of Telugu television artistes and technicians against dubbed serials getting more vocal has the channels looking into the issue.

Actors, technicians and producers of the Telugu television, who recently formed a Joint Action Committee (JAC), has demanded that airing of serials dubbed from other languages be stopped on Telugu channels as they deny opportunities for local talent. Ugadi festival is the deadline set for this.

There has been positive response to their demand, says JAC convenor D. Suresh Kumar. “To start with, ETV has understood our situation and responded positively. We received assurance from the channel that it would stop dubbed serials a day before Ugadi,” he adds.

The response from other channels too has been encouraging, the JAC says. “We are expecting similar assurances from Gemini TV and Zee Telugu,” Mr. Suresh Kumar says. Representations were also made to Maa TV, and a response was awaited from the channel.

But therein lies the catch. Each channel wants the others also to stop their share of dubbed serials so that a level-playing field could be provided to all. A senior representative of Zee Telugu says: “We have no issues with what the artistes and technicians are seeking. If other channels agree on it, we do not see any problem from our side. In fact, we have original content in our prime time slot.”

Similar thing happens to be the sentiment of Gemini TV’s Kiran who quipped: “We do not mind if others also accept it.” Maa TV, however, refused to comment.

The implications of dubbed serials happen to be more than just employment opportunities for local talent, argues Tammareddy Bharadwaja, senior film producer and chief advisor to the Telugu Television Parishrama Pariraskhana Samithi.

“It adversely hurts the Telugu language, culture and tradition. The channels have the moral and social responsibility to protect and promote our language and culture, too,” he says. Dubbed serials create a wrong impression on the abilities of the Telugu television industry, Mr. Bharadwaja points out adding: “Some of the most popular entertainers and long-running serials have come from our stables.”

Meanwhile, the JAC is planning to take the issue of ‘imported’ serials to the Legislative Assembly, Human Rights Commission and also courts. “We are approaching MLAs from different parties to raise the matter in the coming Assembly session. We will be filing a complaint with the HRC and a Public Interest Litigation in the High Court,” adds Mr. Suresh Kumar.


TV artistes demand ban on dubbed serialsFebruary 24, 2013

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