How many times have you travelled to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in a cab and ended up paying just short of Rs. 1,000? May be you would save more if you just ‘Ride In Sync’. Christened as a ‘cab-pooling’ service, Ride In Sync helps to cut down travelling costs to the airport. The catch is one has to share their cab.

Ride In Sync’s concept revolves around sharing a cab with a trusted co-passenger of one’s choice. To avail the service, all one has to do is register themselves on ‘’ with their corporate email id, fill in details to find a co-passenger.

The service, which was conceptualised by Deepesh Agarwal, an alumnus of Indian School of Business, was launched for students of ISB during April this year. With its popularity among the students, Ride In Sync took off commercially on September 15 and today, the service is used by over 500 registered users.

But what made him take up such an initiative? “While travelling to the airport, I’ve seen that most of the cars had only single passengers. I started working on the project and formed Ride In Sync, a platform where you can find reliable people who are willing to share a cab to the airport,” says Mr. Agarwal.

Moreover, keeping security in view, the service was launched only for those working for corporate houses. “Only employees working in corporate companies can use the site by logging in with their official email address. This way, passengers will have a little background information about their co-passengers,” points out Mr. Agarwal.

A ride from the airport to the city in a shared cab will cost Rs. 250 from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Rs. 300 from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

“According to the tariffs, one can save almost about 50 per cent travel costs and if five per cent of the airport travellers start using the service, about 220 cars will be off the airport stretch,” says Mr. Agarwal.

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