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Updated: October 19, 2013 23:41 IST

A ‘fine’ way to raking in the moolah

Nemmani Sreedhar
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Thanks to Portable Digital Assistants traffic police have plugged the loopholes in collection of e-challans and are raking in the moolah

HYDERABAD: Do you know that an autorickshaw owner was challaned a total of about Rs. 31,000 till now? Autos, that play a key role in the city’s public transportation, also occupy top 10 places when it comes to challan amounts.

Together they owe a cumulative challan amount of Rs. 2.39 lakh. But according to the statistics, four-wheeler drivers are not far behind. The highest challan amount generated on a four-wheeler driver, on the other hand, was Rs. 21,000.

Ever since the concept of e-challan tickets were started in the city, a large number of motorists have been booked based on the photographic evidence, for violating traffic signals. While the challans were sent to the registered owners of these vehicles, due to a combination of factors, getting the motorists pay these challans has become a difficult task for the traffic police. But with the introduction of Portable Digital Assistants (PDAs) this situation is changing dramatically, senior police officials said.

“Ever since PDAs were introduced, we have got an option to check the pending challans of each vehicle. This has come a long way in making people pay up and realise that they cannot break the rules and still go scot-free,” a senior police officer said.

Traffic regulation

City traffic police chief, Amit Garg, also concurs with this view. Mr. Garg emphasises that the department will use the available technology to enforce the traffic regulation.

“The latest PDAs that were introduced in the city have facility to collect challan amount on the spot by swiping credit or debit cards and this also puts pressure on motorists towards following traffic rules,” he observed.


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considering the fact that 99% of road users in Hyderabad transgress all traffic
rules, the amounts collected (though the absolute amount collected in a given
period is not mentioned for obvious reasons) seem ridiculously low. No focus on
declogging roads-removing hawkers, illegal constructions, loading/unloading
operations of trucks, sale of sand/bricks on the road, parking of private
buses/transport vehicles on main roads at junctions, bus stations at places to
create maximum traffic jams, jay walking, underage drivers, driving on the wrong
side of the road, overloaded /products like iron rods protruding from transport
vehicles, etc,. If the the above offenders are fined, there would be no need for the
State Govt to provide funds. The focus is not on bringing discipline but to
somehow collect fines.

from:  kris
Posted on: Oct 20, 2013 at 14:04 IST
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