Allegedly demanded Rs.1.5 crore ransom from girl’s family

A 24-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping a Delhi University student and seeking Rs.1.5 crore ransom from her family. The victim has been rescued.

A Noida-resident lodged a complaint with the Delhi Police on Thursday saying that his daughter had been kidnapped and he had received a call seeking Rs.1.5 crore ransom for her release. The complainant told the police that the call was made from her daughter’s mobile phone and he was in Bangalore on Wednesday when he received the call.

Taking up investigation, the police traced the complainant’s daughter to Ashoka Hotel in Paharganj and rescued her. The police arrested Abhishek Deep from the hotel on the charge of kidnapping.

The story emerged that Abhishek, a Chhatisgarh resident, had befriended the girl recently. Abhishek called the girl while she was outside her college on August 15 and asked her to come to the Shastri Nagar metro station. The two then reached Connaught Place where Abhishek allegedly took the woman’s phone and made a call to her father seeking ransom. He then switched off the phone and told the woman that he had made a call to her father seeking ransom. Abhishek then directed her to accompany him to Ashoka Hotel and threatened to kill her father if she did not obey him.

On reaching the hotel, Abhishek directed her to book the room in her name and then locked her inside.

Abhishek, a graduate from a Delhi I.P. University, purportedly told the police that he was in dire need of money and hatched a plan to kidnap the woman and seek ransom.

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