Regulating e-rickshaws in the city has been on top of the agenda of the authorities. However, neither the Delhi government’s Transport Department nor the Delhi Traffic Police has an exact number of battery-operated rickshaws plying on the Capital roads.

While there is an assumption of around one lakh battery-operated rickshaws currently being operational in the city, Chief Secretary S. K. Srivastava has now asked the Value Added Tax Department to ascertain their number.

“There has not been any authentic data. Since VAT is paid on the sale of e-rickshaws, the Chief Secretary has asked the VAT Commissioner to help in ascertaining the number of units sold in Delhi,” a senior Delhi Government official said.

While arriving at the exact number would be difficult till the time all these vehicles are registered with the Transport Department, officials said the data from the VAT Department would be helpful in giving a fair idea of these vehicles plying on the streets.

Crack-down planned

“All the registered manufacturers and dealers pay VAT. But the VAT Department would be able to provide data only as per the invoices raised by the manufacturers and the dealers. Moreover, the number of units sold by the unregistered companies would be difficult to ascertain,” said an official.

Meanwhile, the Transport Department and the Traffic Police are preparing to crack down on the unregistered manufacturers and the dealers selling battery rickshaws in the city after June 6. All those e-rickshaws that do not have the type approval will not be allowed to ply on the roads, said the transport officials. The decision to book them was taken in a meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary last week.

“Through a public notice in first week of March, the manufacturers, suppliers and dealers were directed to get type approval or certification under Rule 2(u) of Central Motor Vehicle Rules within three months. Under the said notice, they were also asked to stop selling such vehicles till they comply with the notice. The deadline ends on June 6. FIRs would be lodged against the unregistered manufacturers, suppliers and dealers across the city thereafter,” said an official.

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