72-year-old Madan Gopal Kohli has been maintaining nearly 20,000 plants on his 500 sq.m terrace.

Reusing and recycling is the mantra for 72-year-old nature lover Madan Gopal Kohli. He has been maintaining nearly 20,000 plants, which include more than hundred varieties of flowers, on his terrace spread over 500 sq. m.

“Only 10 to 12 earthen pots have been used for growing plants. Otherwise, it is mostly empty plastic bags and buckets, cement sacks, steel and aluminium cans and vegetable baskets which have been used to grow plants like sugarcane, lotus and strawberries. Besides there are also some medicinal plants which I have been growing,” said the proud caretaker of the terrace garden.

The biggest advantage of using these ‘recycled pots’ is that they lead to less wastage of water due to their higher retaining capacity. In a basket, more than 100 seasonal plants are grown.

The step-farming model of gardening has been used for recycling of water through automatic percolation via pot holes and step system.

Asked how the waste is managed, the enthusiast horticulturist said all the leaves which fall off naturally are swept, collected and used as fertiliser by putting them back in the pots.

“The Limca Book of Records recognised the efforts for the sixth time for growing sunflower plants and 20 flowers in one plant in the off season of October last year,” said Mr. Kohli, adding that his name was also recognised for growing a two-feet-long Amaranth vegetable in April last year.

To inspire young minds, Mr. Kohli was also invited to Aditi Mahavidayala College of Delhi University where he motivated students about the possible ways of contribute towards preserving environment in a metropolitan city like Delhi.

In order to make people aware of his innovative and unique style of gardening, Mr. Kohli would be organising a two-day mini terrace flower show at his Lawrence Road residence from March 8.

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