Rain in the Capital on Tuesday worsened the conditions at Ramlila Maidan , the venue of the indefinite fast by Anna Hazare, forcing the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to step in again.

With water inundating the venue, the civic agency had to dig make-shift channels at the edges of the ground to drain out the water.

The dais too got flooded and the organisers had to use buckets to clear the water.

The puddles of water got filled with discarded plastic plates, polythene bags and other garbage making it difficult for the participants to move around.

Strong winds also ripped apart some of the tents put up, leaving the supporters scurrying for cover in the rain. MCD spokesperson Deep Mathur said: “We were managing fine for the past two days. But the heavy rain on Tuesday washed off everything and we had to redo all the work done earlier to provide a smooth ground for the ongoing agitation. More trucks carrying malba, brick pieces and soft earth are being brought in for levelling the ground surface as per the requirement.”

“With over 50,000 to a lakh people visiting and eating and drinking there, it is a challenging job to ensure that all the garbage is lifted and the ground is kept free of clutter. The rain has made it more challenging but we are trying to make things as normal as possible. Meanwhile, anti-mosquito fumigation activity and cleanliness work by our sanitation workers are continuing at the site,” he added.

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