Nearly half of the 30 juveniles who had escaped from a juvenile home in Kingsway Camp here on Tuesday were brought back by Wednesday evening. According to observation home officials, these inmates had escaped to save themselves from a group of inmates after they allegedly attacked them inside the home.

In the wake of the latest escape, a meeting was held in the presence of a Juvenile Justice Board magistrate, the juvenile home director and the Principal Secretary and it was decided that the group of juveniles creating ruckus would be shifted to another home. However, the place has not been decided so far.

Kingsway Camp home superintendent Anil Kumar told The Hindu: “Around 30 inmates had escaped from the juvenile home on Tuesday after a group of inmates started attacking the others with blades, rods, pieces of glass and other things. Some of the inmates scaled the wall to escape while some others hid behind bushes and trees.”

Most of the juveniles who had escaped from the home went to their parents and told them that they ran away as they were attacked by fellow inmates. Their parents then took them to the local police station and they were dropped back at the juvenile home on Wednesday morning, he added.

An inmate who came back to the observation home said: “I was sitting with a friend when a group of boys suddenly attacked all of us. They beat us with rods, batons and tried to injure us with glass pieces. I and my friends just ran to save ourselves. Some climbed the wall, some broke the gate and we all ran away. I called up my father from a public booth and he informed the police. In the morning, the policemen dropped me back to the juvenile home.”

Around 12 inmates who created ruckus inside the home were shifted to khurja (waiting room in the juvenile justice board) on Wednesday morning. They were taken there to be produced before the juvenile justice board. According to sources, all of them were repeat offenders, mostly booked under sections of murder and rape.

The inmates who attacked the other juveniles were shifted here from Rohini jail sometime ago. They have been creating ruckus and attacking the fellow inmates ever since they were shifted here. They burnt blankets, records, warrants and a lot of other things, said home sources.

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