The condition of the Jawaharlal Nehru University student Roshani, who was attacked with an axe by her classmate before he committed suicide on Wednesday, was on Thursday termed “critical but stable” by a senior doctor at Safdarjung Hospital, where she was admitted with serious injuries.

“A day after the surgery she has now opened her eyes, there is slight movement of her limbs and there is also an increase in her chances of survival,” said the doctor. .

“The patient continues to be in the intensive care unit and has suffered four deep injuries to the skull. The blood vessels to the brain have been damaged. She also had a major clot and her right wrist was badly slashed,” added the doctor.

Roshani’s parents are yet to reach Delhi. But, her brother Sudhir Gupta said “his sister was never in a relationship with the attacker”.

The police are now examining the calls details of the attacker Akash Gupta to ascertain the role of his friends and acquaintances and the source of weapons he used for the crime.

Though the attack was carried out by Akash himself, the police suspect there could be more persons involved in the crime. The police are also investigating how Akash, who was armed with a knife, an axe and a country-made pistol, procured the weapons and the poisonous substance which he later consumed to end his life.

Though the four-page note written by Akash was recovered from the classroom and accused the victim, Roshani Kumar Gupta of exploiting him and blamed the attack on ego issues between them over the past two years, the immediate provocation is not known. The note does not bear any date and would be sent for forensic examination, said the police.

Contrary to initial details that Akash had missed the first lecture and had a brief conversation with Roshani before the attack, the FIR said Akash was sitting in a back row and hit Roshani on her head with an axe after the lecture was over.

The body of Akash was handed over to his family on Thursday, said the police.

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