Painter Abdul Waseel will gift a special portrait of Bapu to his grand-daughter on Gandhi Jayanti

On his second visit to the land of Mahatma Gandhi, Lahore-based painter Abdul Waseel has brought with him a portrait of the apostle of peace that he has made with his blood.

The 40-year-old man, better known as “Painter Babu”, will gift this special portrait made two years ago to spread the message of peace and brotherhood to Mahatma Gandhi's grand-daughter Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee, who is the vice-chairperson of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, on October 2.

Abdul would like his portrait to find pride of place in the museum at GSDS, where pictures and memorabilia of Bapu have been decorated on the walls. Also, the place has historic significance as Bapu spent the last few days of his life there before he was assassinated.

“Through this portrait I want to foster peace and amity between the people of India and Pakistan. And I hope and pray that the blood of not even a single person is spilt in either of the two countries,” says Abdul, who crossed the Wagah border on foot before boarding a train from Amritsar to arrive in Delhi on Thursday.

To make this message-oriented painting, Abdul drew his own blood over a period of one month because he wanted to win the hearts of every Hindustani. “It was a painful experience and I used two dozen syringes to draw blood from my veins. But all the pain was nothing in comparison to the pain I feel in my heart every time I come to know that innocent lives have been lost. I made the painting of Gandhi two years ago. The awam of Pakistan have welcomed my bid to work for peace and more people are getting to know what Gandhi stood for.”

Describing himself as a messenger of peace from the neighbouring country that is witnessing bomb blasts and assassination bids, Abdul says his country was going through turmoil as almost every day there are terrorist attack in which innocent lives are lost. “Terrorists deliberately target religious sites, market places and other public places. As the places are overcrowded the casualty is maximum. Post-World Trade Tower attack, about 30,000 Pakistanis have been killed.”

Besides visiting mazars and exploring the bustling markets in the Walled City of Delhi, Abdul would like to meet eminent personalities like social crusader Anna Hazare and extend an invitation to him to visit Pakistan. “I can meet him only in Delhi. Besides him, I would like to meet External Affairs Minister S. M. Krishna to thank him for making it possible for me to visit India.”

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