To help students trying to crack the pre-medical entrance examination, Rahul Chawla, a medical student at Vardhman Mahavir Medical College here, has written a book titled “Handbook of Biology”.

“This book is based on the notes I made while preparing for my pre-medical entrance test. It is an easy, practical and simple to use book for students. My next book, ‘Biology@Your Fingertips', will also be released soon,'' he says.

Rahul along with his friends has also designed a website,, to guide students preparing for the pre-medical entrance examinations to clear their doubts and to provide them all necessary information, examination details and previous papers at the click of a button.

“This is a first of its kind initiative taken by the students for those preparing to crack the examination. The vision behind the venture is to prevent pre-medical test aspirants from being misguided by coaching institutes and to provide authentic guidance since the group behind the endeavour had faced and cracked these pre-medical tests,” he adds.

“Also we have had first-hand experience about the needs and problems faced by students preparing for the medical entrance examination. This effort we hope will help the students concentrate on topics that are important and also help them get an idea of what to expect in a medical entrance examination. There are several coaching institutions and individuals helping students prepare for these tests but our UPS is the fact that we have actually gone through the entire process,'' says Rahul.He adds that books cover only the biology section of the entrance test and that he has not dealt with the chemistry, physics or mathematics segments.

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