Security guards posted at automated teller machines, banks, commercial and private establishments observed fast here on Tuesday urging the State Government to give solatium of Rs 5 lakh to the kin of security guards who were recently killed while discharging duties and also demanded better social security to them.

“The State Government should give the relief as most of the families were dependent on the salaries of those who got murdered,” G. Suresh Kumar, state secretary of Tamil Nadu Security Thozhilalar Munnetra Sangam, told reporters here.

The guards demanded that the minimum monthly salary should be fixed at Rs. 10,000 and all of them to be brought under the coverage of provident fund and ESI facilities.

Bonus should be disbursed to them during festival periods. Mr. Suresh Kumar also reiterated the need for improving e-surveillance in automated teller machine centres so that attackers of security guards could be identified easily.

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